Tft Items and time

Just a short reflexion on my thoughts on TFT. The gamemode is fun and apealing but I feel like it can also be really stressfull and tilt inducer in certain situations: First of all there is the items rng: It's extremely tilting to not get a single item for several rounds meanwhile others are on their 5 one. Im ok with items themselfs being rng (forces you to adapt and build with what you are given) but the number of drops being rng is just chaos. It's not fun when luck has too big of a role in the game. If you really want to have the luck factor on the number of items dropped then I would advise to make it so that a fixed number of items are delivered on certain rounds (equal to everybody) but there is a really small chance (like 5% idk I am not in the balance team) you get an extra one (a component not talking about the complete ones). This way you will feel rly lucky if you get it (you knew how many items you would normally be given so you understand you triggered the extra chance) and at the same time it wouldn't feel so bad for the opponents since they knew it was a rare ocasion and more then that a single item is not enough to completly break the balance of the battle. Unlike right now when you can have 3 items late game and your adversary has 6. Secondly (honestly this one tilts me more though I believe is not that much of a common problem), the rounds end too quickly late game and take a bit too long early game: I think the rounds time should be adjusted for the duration of the game. Early game you literaly have nothing to do. You buy one champ or two then wait, you have the ocasional reroll depending on your strategy but you still have more than enough time to spam till you get out of gold. Late game however you might have 50 gold in the bank, have 7+ units on the bench and teamcomps to think about, yet you are given the exact same time you were given in the begining. I have already lost several games with 20/30 or more gold in the bank simply because I could not spend it in time when I needed to. That moment when there are only 3 or 4 guys left and you know they can win against you so you need to start using up your gold and look for that 3 {{champion:119}} yet you cant do it cuz the round already started, then you loose to an enemy with 1k items that never economised and would have been destroyed had u used ur gold is just extremely infuriating. Finaly it would be good if you added a bit of time (5 seconds would suffice I think) to the first carrosel because some people (wood computers squad) take a bit more time to get inside the game and cant choose their champion. Fortunately I never had this problem but I have two friends who often complain about it

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