RNGesus is not my Religion

Iam from EU and yea - there are already tons of threads about this. But best case scenario is to not stop the flood of threads, that adress rng with items. We have rng with champions - thats fine. Somehow its more about gold-management and a healthy amount of rng. But the items... ... the items. There must be a complete rework on how you get items. AND the same amount for everyone. Please change this, please hear this, please accept this. I love tft. Its supposed to be more strategical as league but right now - if everyone knows what to do - its about dices, far away from strategic. And there is comming a ranked mode... ranked wouldnt be necessary at all if they wont drasticly change it. EU Boards feel left with dust, so... i hope riot is going to change it quick.
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