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A) There is WAY too much RNG in this game. WAAAAY too much. I can't say it enough. TOO MUCH RNG! You call the game lolchess... Chess has zero RNG. ZERO! This is supposed to be a tactical game... it's in the title! It never ceases to amaze me how much game makers insist on RNG mechanics when all you hear from gamers is how much they hate RNG. STOP IT ALREADY! B) Items are too strong. How many people look at the champion in carousal? Practically nobody. It's all about the items because they are far too strong. They're also too rare. The game would be a lot of more fun if we had more items to throw around (instead of doing what everyone does now which is create hypercarries) but said items were less impactful overall then they currently are. C) The carousal is interesting as a catch-up mechanic, but the 1st carousal is completely pointless. Everyone goes for the same overpowered items and if you miss it you get royally screwed. That and the first few NPC rounds are just massive game impacting amounts of RNG before the game even starts. Why? What's the point? Skip the first carousal entirely and just start us off with 2 gold. If not, you're just going to get people miss on the first carousal and just exit game out of frustration, which I've done on more than 1 occasion and it's no fun for anyone. D) I won't touch on balance because I'm sure you are well aware that the balance is way off right now, and you're working on it. But let's talk about fun/interesting mechanics. Blitzkrank is not fun. He's not fun in LoL either but at least there is counter-play. There's not really counter-play here because any counter-play of moving your carry out makes them get eaten by assassins... so you lose either way. Perhaps if assassin's are toned way down it would be interesting... but right now, it's just not fun. Crowd control in its current state is also not fun. It lasts WAY too long and doesn't diminish. Just like every other game with CC in it, diminishing returns needs to exist here.

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