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TFT team comp
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Nine yordles and six sorcs; seemingly impossible, right? Well it is _practically_, but not actually, impossible. You just need to get four spatulas, all the other right components and make it to level nine. This was what my team comp looked like (excluding irrelevant items): Tristana Lulu Veigar Poppy Kennen Gnar (Yuumi) Ahri (Mittens) Morgana (Mittens) Aurelion Sol (Mittens) Basically I managed to get a spatula from the three first carousels, was lucky enough to get three sparring gloves from drops and on top of that I picked up a Yuumi from the carousel before dragon. (Sidenote: I got a BoTRK from dragon so i actually had five spatulas. The last one was just useless). My team was pretty much unkillable because they all obviously resisted physical damage since every unit had a 90% dodge chance. On top of that my Lulu had a dragon claw meaning she was practically invincible to physical **and** magic damage and could just spam her spell to keep the rest of the team alive when they got low from taking magic damage. This was not PBE. It was ranked. I am platinum II. Yes, i did win.

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