my personal feedback after intense playing since launch

I guess some of my thoughts have been mentioned by others already but I would still like to gather everything in this single post. I will also edit this one from time to time. I hope it's okay. Bugs: - Sometimes single champions (for me it was Kha, Garen, Darius or Pyke) suddenly stop moving fighting (get stuck) during a battle even if there was enough space to approach the enemy champ. An no - they weren't stunned ;-) - During loading screen the percentage at the bottom sometimes suddenly drops from 100% back to 92%. After that I landed completely alone without any spirit on an empty arena (not everytime but twice already). I had to restart the client completely and reconnect. As you can imagine in a fast paced game like TFT you are pretty handicapped after such a delay (I've lost 1-2 and 1-3 vs minions). - When the substitute bench is full and you pick a champ from the circle this champ is automatically put onto the field where it participates as an extra unit. So far so good. Yesterday during such a situation I was unable to sell or buy champs (to make space) or to equip items. Everything was unclickable until the next circle round. After that it worked again. I don't know if that is intentional but it never happend before and also makes no sense to me. Ideas: - I am really missing additional stats of the champs I play. For example I think it would really be helpful if I could see their basic attack damage aswell as the spelldamage. Also it's hard to recognize which ulti/skill deals physical and which deals "ap" damage so I don't always know which item is more useful on which champ (maybe I have some errors in my thinking process here?). - During the champ select circle it's impossible to see the categories of the champs which is pretty annoying especially for new players. I guess you could use the tabulator to open some general overview at any point. - Also the descriptions of the items don't really explain their functions enough. For example what does the "disarming" item actually do? What's the difference to "silence"? - I think it would be good to have a few more seconds of picking time at the start of the game. If you are not sitting in fron of your computer watching the loading screen chances are quite high you will get a random champ. - In my opinion there should be more item drops (or other possibilities to acquire them) during the game. Right now this aspect is relying way too much on individual luck. One player gets lots of nice items - the other gets nothing useful. In a game with so few items and champs this makes quite a big difference which could be considered to be a little unfair because you can't really do anything about this. - I also don't see why it shouldn't be possible to combine unequipped items before putting them on some champ. As mentioned above there aren's many item drops yet so sometimes you just can't really use some of them. For example if you have Bow and Rod (combined to Rageblade) but the champ you want to use it on has some single item equipped you need to wait and hope for another drop to compine that single item first.
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