I want to thank Riot

Thank you for giving the community solutions they never asked for and ignoring the frequent complaints about TFT. You know best! Giving one player 0 items and another several is a really good balancing decision in a game about strategy and tactics with ranked matches. For example, in a recent match I didn't receive a single item from npcs but instead got 6 - 7 extra gold! Wow! My opponents had Statikk Shivs, Ionic Sparks, Iron Solaris, Spear of Shojins, Warmogs etc.... but boy were their faces green with envy when they saw my CHAIN VEST and one interest level higher than theirs! Sure, I lost half my HP building up to the end game because I was significantly under-equipped compared to everyone else, but I reached +5 interest one turn quicker than all of them! It was worth it!
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