TFT doesn't incentivize winning enough.

Combining losing streak gold with getting first pick on the carousel there's basically no point at all in actually trying to play the game before stage 4-5. Even in addition to the losing streak gold you end up spending less since you are trying to lose and get to buff up your economy. I cannot think of a single time I have played the game where the people in last jump up to first making the person who has actually been playing the game die in two rounds whenever they have purposefully been losing for 20. Currently on the PBE, for those of you that don't know, they are experimenting with gold drops in the place of items on the minion rounds. This just further promotes this massive comeback mechanic to not play the game at all, lose, and get rewarded massively for it. Zero downsides other than a small risk of being too weak to kill the camp rounds, but at any time playing like this you will have plenty of gold to buy your way to win the camp items, then sell after to keep losing. In addition to the gold drop changes, it appears that they are increasing the rate of full items being on the carousel... again, just further promotes the play style of not playing the game. Something needs to be changed, I don't know what but it honestly just takes the fun out of the game whenever a bunch of literal losers get a ton of rewards.
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