Since Nobles and Imperials lack a lot of versatility

there are few suggestion champs you may consider adding in the following months. (simply because those class are a must go all in, imperials did not even have much synergy between them, and nobles, you need 6 or nothing 90% of time to do something) so first Vladimir - imperial/sorcerer/demon cost 5g skill: hemoplague - everytime vlad is is damaged a certain amount of his health in last 3-5s vlad infect an area, targeting at least a random enemy, after 2 seconds all enemies infected are damaged and vlad heal himself for a small portion of damage dealt. If hemoplague kill a target vlad regen 15% of his maximum health over 5 seconds. Sona - Noble/sorcerer cost 5g skill: Crescendo - stun and deal damage to all enemies in an area Xin Zhao - noble/blademaster 3-4g Skill: acutally i think about a combination of "wind became lighting" and "three talon strike", Xin stun an enemy and flashes in front of himself with his spear damaging all enemies, gaining attack speed for few seconds at the end of cast. (we want them as op as possible to keep them rare right?)
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