TFT Leaverbuster

I remember before ranked TFT launched, there was a pretty big problem with AFKs. Someone explained to me that it was because it was an easy way to farm event tokens because you gain some even on a loss. Haven't had too big of a problem with it lately because I've been playing ranked, but I just queued up for a normal game on accident and there were **_6 AFKS_**. Can anyone playing normals regularly tell me whether this is common? I play ranked most of the time so it's not a problem for me, but I imagine there are at least some people out there who want to play normals and would prefer not to autowin every game because 80% of the other players just have 1 or 2 champions that got autopicked from the carousel for them. Does anyone know if Riot is planning to implement leaverbuster or something similar for TFT? I know an AFK on TFT isn't as bad as it is on SR because they don't have a team to drag down with them, but it seems like some sort of measures will be necessary if they want TFT to be a healthy game mode in the long run instead of just a people to go AFK and farm tokens.
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