Card rolling pool-size needs to be incresed in order to incorporate the full roaster of champion.

Good day to all. Dear Riot Games, Five card pool-size is having a hard time providing a neutral/balanced rolling environment, players are either having a hard time getting upgrades/synergies for their team composition because they cannot draw the specific card, or having a stomp game that is irrelevant to their decision because they got tier two/three unit with a successful origin/class synergy in a much shorter round. Considering the game design for both spectrum, players playing for fun, players playing for winning, neither of them is having a healthy game time on the pool size of five. It's a rigid matter of number. Size of five cannot provide a neutral spread because of how many unique champions are there. If one player is getting more than three round of unique champions, meaning none of them can form a higher tier unit or an origin/class synergy, it means the rolling isn't healthy in a definite degree. Notice TFT is still in the early stage of development, meaning the total count of champion/item is really really small compared to the full roast of League of Legend. If Riot Games is deciding to produce this game mode to full capacity, the uneven rolling phenomenon will become even more severe, players will easily getting none of the upgrade/synergy across multiple levels. Five is just not enough to provide a decent chance to every unit.
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