First Impressions of new TFT

Been awhile since I've had such a blast playing this game mode. TFT currently not only feels fresh but I'm seeing so much variety and interesting strategies/comps being utilised. The units themselves are really fun now and they don't feel super same-y like the old format with brawlers and knights or gunslingers and blademasters. You want to make a mass summoning team? Go for it! You want to make a super boss vlad and put all your items on him? Cool. You want to just focus on making strong level 3 units? Sure. I really like this format. Play what you like and use what you're given. That was like the quintessential rule of autochess games imo and old TFT kind of lost it towards the end. I also feel like they dialed down the potency and influence of items, by the end of the game I'm only seeing about 7-8 items per team now which is much more reasonable. The top dog also doesn't feel like he's invincible by the end of the game unless he's used his lifetime of luck to hold that lead. The new elemental tiles are interesting and provide some new positioning strategies which I also like. So overall, good job Riot. I hope this format continues and doesn't revert back to the old build x comp, force x items and hope you get the better rolls.
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