I think i figured this game out

https://imgur.com/76vm0ay So far this is what I've come up with: * Fiora is trash * The knight combo is trash. Don't even try it. Like legit dumpster fire. * You build around your items, not combine items around your team for the most part * Yordles are broken and if some ass is building them (like me sometimes) build some of that good ol AOE. If you were relying on a draven or other AA champ and your build is centered around that you are now fucked * GRAB KAYLE!!! Doesn't matter what your building. Just grab her. Or if your team is squishy use lulu * You should just grab offensive items if your current item set isn't gonna synergize well * Six Comp Builds are overrated unless your items can carry you to the full set * Nobles are strong mid game but suck late game when you have people getting minions like MF, Brand, Karth and Cho etc * Glacials have a similar issue but with yordles. * \*\*\*Blitz is best assassin * Put blitz in front of your heavy hitters, not behind. The distance the hook has to travel is shorter so there is a greater change your minions gang them. Putting blitz at the back leaves that unit untargetable for too long, so everyone else just walks by them. * It feels like the champ selection is somehow different. You will get rows of 3g champs like really early. I suggest grabbing these champs. Most 1g champs are legit dog šŸ’©. * Speaking of which fiora is garbo. Have to stress that. Like 100% garbage. * Stressing this again, defensive builds have their place. If you get 4 chainmails you can still build around that. Well that's all the lessons i've learned.
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