How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!

Riot, why do you insist on putting RNG into your games so much when everyone hates it? When you put RNG into the dragons everyone spoke out against you, yet it's still here. So why double- no, TRIPLE down on it and make a game mode that's 50% RNG luck, 35% knowledge, and 15% lucky AI interactions? This is my introduction to auto chess but from what I'm reading there's a lot of potential here and people who play auto chess a lot are enjoying it, but no one enjoys the RNG aspects of it. There's loads of threads about the items being too random. Side note, how come when I sell a champion I am GUARANTEED that champion will be in my store when it refreshes? It is so frustrating to grab a Leona and then drop her several rounds later because I didn't see her in the store and then, lo and behold, Leona is in the store now. Because I sold her. I haven't sunk so far as to keep track on a notepad but it happens far too often to be coincidence.
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