What happened to champion "set" rotations?

When TFT was still relatively new and a few champions were being added, we were told that champions would rotate out each season or so to allow for new metas, comps, champs, etc. At first champions were added to help fill out certain categories to make more comps more viable, but with the latest releases of Hextech and Pantheon, it seems like they're adding champs without rotating some out. In one of the upcoming patches, we are supposed to get new items. While there hasn't been news of new champions being added, it feels like they are just adding champs to the game for the sake of adding them. With wider variety, it's harder to get the champs you need late game, even if no one is building them, and it can mean a win or loss depending on if your 1 star unit will be a 2 star in the last round. I completely understand if it isn't time to rotate out yet, but they are adding champions too frequently it's making it difficult for many comps to finish building, or get key characters at late game. A few ideas: * Make champ AI smarter when it comes to hitting skillshots or other abilities. It doesn't feel good when the enemy Cho'Gath hits my entire time with a knockup, and my Ahri throws a Q at someone out of range. * Make the system a little smarter when it comes to picking opponents. I've lost games solely because I was in last and had to face the first place person multiple times in a row. * Do not allow stacking of the same item on a single champion. If you have to copies of the same champion with the same item, make one of the duplicate items fall off if they combine from upgrading. * Fix hitboxes/make it more obvious when you pick up someone in the carousel round. Sometimes I run straight into a champion and I think it's tagging along with me and in reality it isn't and I don't get the champ I want (mostly applies in the first round) * Make krugs deal less damage if they will be regening health. Multiple times I have lost the krugs round when I don't prelevel because they deal too much damage to my 1 star units and they freely get full HP whenever 1 dies, completely denying me a chance at gold/items. * Fix the bug with champions standing around and doing nothing. Sure, they get a little confused when they're melee and need to walk around each other, but they shouldn't stand around and do nothing because it's cost me games. * Instead of rolling out champions in groups (like with Hextech) introduce champions 1 or 2 at a time to fill out pre-existing classes/origins (like Pantheon/TF) * Rotate out champion sets every half season if you like to add characters constantly. It will keep things fresh, people will learn to adjust to new metas, and you can rotate back to previous sets if you don't have enough new champions to create an entire new set. * In general, balance damage/resistances and fix pre-existing bugs before pumping out new characters/items constantly. I play on PBE as well and the item that lets you start with 2 random items is not fun at all and makes it unfun to play against. Do not release that or similar items to live.
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