How did they let Glacial, Cursed Blade and how items drops work get past the balancing of this mode?

It is shocking, how unbalanced item drops are, on top of Cursed Blade being in the game AND with the Glacial effect type outright ruining the game now. Cursed Blade should be less than a 10% chance to reduce a level of a character. Items are the most feast or famine type of mechanic I have ever seen in a game ever, good luck dealing with that Gunslinger or Vayne fully equipped out of the arsehole in gear. With a wall of Glacial units in front. Then there is Glacial, here have a stun effect on your auto attack with no diminishing effect (which can be applied with ranged attacks), who is the moron being paid to come up with this nonsense. Not even mentioning that the majority of Glacial units come as tanky units and with stuns for abilities. Racials in general are so unbalanced in favor of lucking out and getting a matching set. Team full of Nobles? GG, Yordles? Goodluck trying to hit 6 units with 60% dodge. Games often end with one or two people getting the full set and doing a full wipe in a literal second against the rest of the players, then one of them just gets hard countered by the unit effect.
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