Fix AI of champions to equal lvls + introduce fog of war

The AI in TFT is much more of prevalence then the dev team has given it credit it seems. Currently Lissandra has very little bad spells that she throws, she 9/10 times hits the most targets or uses it on herself when low hp. This makes her a very consistent force, which in TFT, IS a big deal. Compare that to Morde that often wastes his spell, while having clearly better angles at what to slam the enemy to get max hits. Making a more consistent AI among all champions would balance the outcome of TFT and make it more competitive. As long as RNG/luck is heavily involved, it will stay an inferior competitive game mode. Another thing would be to introduce fog of war after a certain amount of players have lost all hp ( when for example, 4/3/2 players are left). This would make anticipating the enemy position be a more strategic decisions, and not a quick and bothersome changing screens to constantly change your setup when its 1v1 at the end.
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