[TFT] These things need nerfing.

On the day of release, it was fun to play this. Everyone was experimenting, building interesting comps and people were winning games with fun teams but now it's absolutely nothing like this at all now. After playing quite a few games, and today seeing these comps and certain champs doing too much damage, CC, etc its become quite clear that the following need to be nerfed in some way: 1. Glacial - Currently, Glacial stuns for too long and it's CC is far too good. Having a carry or two at the back, mixed with an assassin does far too much damage and there isn't really much you can do about it. Getting perma CC'd throughout an entire round isn't fun and there isn't much to counter it either. On top of that, Sej, Braum and with the correct items, even Lissandra is too tanky. Having tank, CC and damage all in one synergy is far too much to deal with mid and even late game. Toning down the percentage to stun on Glacials might help to balance it better. As it stands, the stun percentages are: 1) 20% 2) 30% and 3) 45%. I think it should be lowered to 1) 20% (Keep that, there needs to be some spike at least), then 2) 25% and 3) 35%. 2. Assassins - Far too many times have I seen Assassins become far too good mid game, late game and even early game on some occasions too. There is so many assassins at the lower levels that the shop seems to cram them down your throat at the beginning of the game. Not to mention their crit percentages are very high. Pyke's stun range seems to be too good as even when champs aren't even in the stun line or even near it, they are stunned - he needs the range of stun tuned down and the duration also lowered as he's far too good within an assassin comp. Due to assassins being easy to grab early and mid game, it's easy to get the bonuses from having the right amount of assassins so turning down the crits would help balance it. 3. Noble - This comp isn't too bad, but its still worth noting as it can do very well early game but start to dominate mid game and late game like assassins. The Noble buff right at the start when you've gotten yourself a Garen, Lucian and more importantly, Vayne, its a massive power spike. Two 1 cost champs and a One 2 cost is amazing to immediately get yourself started on possibly the strongest buffs in TFT. You can easily make Garen and Vayne Level 2 right off the start and even Level 3 as soon as you hit mid game. It might help to fix this by lowering the armour and healing bonuses. Instead of 100+ Armour and 35 healing, make it +50 Armour and 25 healing. Or keep the same buff but make it completely random, but when getting 6 Nobles, the buff randomly goes onto 2 champs instead of the entire team. 4. Vayne - Vayne, dominates at every stage. Everyone rushes Vayne. She's a very, VERY powerful hyper-carry at all stages. She needs her damage nerfed as its far too strong. Make Vayne a 2 cost champ and lower her damage. Not only does it make it slightly harder to acquire a Level 2/3 Vayne early game, it will hit Nobles hard as well. Plus the lower damage on her would help make early game not such a spam fest to see who gets the highest, kitted out Vayne first since that's all TFT seems to be at the minute. She can fit into EVERY Comp and I mean, every comp. Doesn't matter if she doesn't synergise well with the team she's placed into, her damaged is enough to work anywhere and everywhere. 5. Pyke - As mentioned in my Assassin rant, Pyke's stun is a big issue and since a lot of complaints are revolving around Stuns and CC, Pyke is part of the problem if not a major part. As mentioned before, his stun helps but it can help in ANY Comp. His dash goes far, his stun has a bigger range than displayed and he can also tank pretty well early game too. His damage and maybe perhaps even his tankiness is fine but the duration of his Stun and the AoE Effect (It pretty much is an AoE, He seems to hit everyone 2-3 tiles away) it has makes him very strong. Unless you're comp is tanky AND damaging or you're running an equally CC Spammed comp like Glacial, its very hard to deal with a Pyke. He's also a 2 cost which makes it easy to grab him as a Level 2, possibly even Level 3 by the mid game. He isn't OP or too strong by any stretch, it's just because of the CC it makes him an extremely powerful addition to an Assassin comp. As for now, that's all I've noticed being incredibly strong right now. In terms of priority, targeting Vayne would help Nobles get their buff straight off the bat in the early game and would make it harder to get those buffs. Vayne's lower damage wont make her an insane hyper-carry that does extremely well at all stages and in any comp, even with no synergies. (No seriously, you should try it). Assassins need to be dealt with as well first because of their amazing power at all stages of the game. Early game, maybe not as good but they're still pretty powerful. Their crit percentages needs tuning down like ASAP, everyone builds them and there isn't really a counter to it. You see them win all the time. It's boring. Glacial is annoying, like really annoying, but its not as bad as Vayne and Assassin comps. Vaynes and Assassins can wipe the floor if against them. You'd think a full CC Comp would be good against them but they're not as their crit damage is insane since its not hard to hit their 2nd and last bonuses since there's so many and they're easy to get with low costs. Pyke's great stun and tank potential is too good to say he's an "Assassin". His Stun needs to be hit hard, to hurt the assassin comp as a whole. I guess I can only hope now that the above get looked into and at least nerfed in some way. TFT is getting stale very quick seeing the majority go Assassin comps every game and just throw in Vayne because she's far too strong. Plus they always win. I don't think I've seen someone in my games yet win without using an Assassin comp or a Vayne. It's frustrating to see. Especially when trying to experiment with different comps. Glacial is frustrating to play against and hard to counter and Pyke is just very good for the Assassins. Anyways, done now.
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