TFT Coaching | Grandmaster 150LP | Helping you to improve

Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 19 years old and I'm a **Grandmaster TFT** player. I've been playing TFT since it came to PBE and I already hit Diamond at the time. Now I want to share my knowledge about TFT and work with you on your gameplay. Each coaching session comes with different segments, which are individually adapted to you. This includes things like: * **Metadiscussions** -> I'll show you the currently strongest comps and how they are played. I will also tell you how to pick which items and how to distribute them. In addition, individual champions are discussed and which champion should be used. * **Game Analysis** -> You go into a game and show me how you play. I take note of mistakes and point out to you. Hereby I set great priority to show you why exactly this decision was wrong and why something else would have been better. So we work together on your decisionmaking. * **Individual questions** -> Individual questions that have always caused a headache to a self may of course also be expressed. * **Other** can also be edited on request. Already many people who have used my coaching show strong performance improvements and are so far even up to Diamond II! You can contact me Ingame adden "**Glatzenklatscher**" or on Discord: **Marc#7501 ** I am looking forward to hear from you soon Marc :)
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