- Carousel - Item Balance - Champ purchases/rerolls 1. Let's start with the carousel. It needs work. It's not a bad idea and I like the concept. The problem is it rewards players for doing poorly. So it's not uncommon to play badly on purpose to get first pick to get the items and champions that you want. This is a legit strat that comes into play more often than not, leading the lower players to almost always dominate the higher tier players because of BAD RNG. That's not even all of it either. The way the items spin is a mess. Sometimes turn order can be completely negated by an item being completely spun around the opposite side of you. Making turn order almost nonexistent as well. I'm not saying they need to take this out, but this needs fixing. 2. Item balance is just crap. Let me state now, I do not have a problem with this game being luck based over strategy. What I have an issue with is the fact that by the end of the beginning minion rounds, some people can have several items, while others have almost none. They either need to have a set list of items to be grabbed, or everyone get the same amount of items and gold. If that were the case, it would at least be easier to play around the items you get, and not just get shat on in the game because your opponent got lucky and was able to build 3 items ahead of you. 3. Last item on the list here. Champ re-rolls need re-worked. I understand that it's random and getting the champs you want is hard. But this is my issue. By the end of the game, 4 people left, let's say you're running a 2 star maokai and everyone else who had him is no longer in the game. Meaning the rest of him is now purchasable. I've literally spent my entire fortune trying to get the VERY LAST TREE MAN I NEEDED! And nothing. Like, 60g+ worth of gold and I can't even get a lowly 1 cost unit to finish off my 3 star? It happens with more than maokai as well. I do understand the higher level you are the less likely you are to see lower cost champs and better chance of higher cost champs. But I really think by that late in the game, maybe the champ select should rotate around what you're building or at least give you better chances of champs you've got on your team. Like, if you're running wardens, the chances of warden appearing increases. What are your guys thoughts on this and how would you fix these issues if you think they are an issue?

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