PSA: Buy 1 cost units early, even if you plan on not using them later.

If you watch some of the best streamers, level 3s are something they rarely ever get before the game is over. If they do find them it's usually 1-2 and it's just overkill at that point. In lower tier games, the issue with rank 3s is that people do not understand that you *should be buying as many tier 1 units as possible early on in the game* People go into games thinking "oh I get 2 early tristanas I'm going to ignore everything but gunslingers!" What ends up happening is that you leave the champion pools so wide open that it's very easy for other people to get rank 3s. Take those vaynes, take the nidalees, take the garens, warwicks, kha, and kassadins. If everyone does this (and you should because you shouldn't decide on what comp you're going to use this early) the chance of anyone getting rank 3s is so incredibly low that it becomes a nonissue.
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