Riot still don't get a thing about little legends

No one is buying them, i rarely see 1-2 bought little legends in every tft game. The reason is that if i want a little legends, i would shop it if i was sure to get what i want (the chroma doesn't mean a lot, but at least the character). Selling little legends in series, so that you have to buy the eggs, wich leads to a 1/3 chance to get the character you want, ruins all the shop experience. And no one wants the base skin, that you can't even power up by buying more times the same. Only fanatics, who will buy loads of eggs, or someone who likes every little legend of that set could buy random eggs. Personally, I will buy a little legends when 2 factors will be reached: 1) Of course, a legend that i like (dark star themed, project or so) 2) Different eggs for different little legends, so that I will buy almost exactly what I want to buy. Lastly, a PS: Weren't lootboxes like this illegal?

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