Just downloaded this game..

It's a terribly designed game. You can't play the game at all because people are running around doing flashy stuff nonstop without mana costs. Whose bright idea was that? People are saying to me I need to kill the minions and just buy more items like it's not common sense but I have teammates flashing around killing all the little enemies in .1 seconds not even giving me a chance to get money. Then someone tells me to come to this website to talk about it because maybe the game developers will listen- but I can only create a discussion about something called Teamfight Tactics??? And when I download the game it asks me if I'm here for "Teamfight Tactics" or whatever shitfest I just played- but I'm actually here to play "ARAM" because it's the only game you guys have that actually has any appeal.. Except I can't play ARAM because for some reason the game developers haven't separated the game modes, and I don't have access to all the Champions. So I have to play your horse shit idea of a game (Summoners Rift) just to unlock new characters for ARAM???? These game developers must not have a damn clue what game they're fucking working on because that 3 Lane nightmare is irreparable. Then they have a good, solid game mode- but make treat it as inferior to that shit fest. Wtf is going on here? No wonder my Facebook has League of Legends ads that looks desperate as fuck. Like a prostitute on the west side begging to get me off for $1. Get your shit together League of Legends.
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