What I miss from DAC/What I wish TFT improved on.

I realise that there are big changes next season but I just wanted to point out the things that turn me off of TFT currently and what I hope improves in the future. 1. Enforced metas. I played TFT from the beginning and I thought it was a pretty interesting take on the autochess genre but as this game developed more and more, it became apparent that Riot forces metas in this game mode, just like they do in their main game. It's boring and pathetic seeing 5 people play the same comp only to know that the one guy who got better RNG will win out in the end. I want variety back. 2. The shared pool is way too large. In DAC, I can't remember the exact numbers for sure, but you could not accommodate for more than 2 people per comp. If you had 3 or more people doing the same comp, the saying goes that all of them will come last. It's not like that in this game, there's just too many units for everyone. 3. Items are too potent for how easy they are to get. I get that this is Riot's take on the genre and they're doing it their way but I don't like how strong items are (especially new ones) when you only need two component pieces to make them. I think DAC's system where you had to full build an item made it so items were not only more rare, but were more interesting and rewarding when you finally completed them. There was a sense of strategy for when you either kept items separate or pulled them all together on one guy and said, 'yep this guy is my carry'. TFT by the later rounds there's like 3/4 units with stacked items and it's a battle of items. 4. Classes and factions feel the same. In DAC, if you wanted to make complicated synergies you really had to think about the racial benefits and slot capacity of your team. You had really interesting racials like human silence, elemental stun, god cooldown, demons and demon hunters, etc. In TFT it's more just stat adjustments and it's kind of boring. The difference between Knights' and Brawlers' bonuses? Not much honestly, you just use whatever and build from there. 5. Not enough 'counter specific' units. Like I said at the start, you just kind of roll high tier teams based on the meta and there's no real 'rogue' comp with interesting tech to counter the meta comps. In DAC you had disruptor for his AOE silence, nagas to provide you team-wide magic resistance, you had Enigma to melt corner camper teams, etc. In TFT, 5 cost units don't really add 'interesting gameplay' but rather more of the same. You just build whatever 5 cost unit fits in your team and don't really take the ones you don't need. I haven't looked into detail about the changes to TFT next season, but from what I saw watching a few streamers the game looks a lot more interesting than it is currently. Here's hoping that's actually the case. Note - DAC stands for Dota Autochess (the community game mod) and while it's probably not the original concept, it's the one that inspired this game mode.
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