New Rolling Strategy 100% top 4

Hey guys ^^ Today i found out about something really broken. I tested it in some games and it really works. So you want to roll all of your gold at 4/6 exp , 8/10 exp and 18/20 exp ( depends if you are behind you want to roll earlier than 18/20 exp , maybe around 12/20 exp? ) So at first you want to pick as many hero as possible and when you are at 4/6 exp you want to roll as much as possible and pick heroes that you have the most. For example if you get 2 star vayne and you have more vaynes you want to pick them. I usually get 2 champions close to 3 stars at 4/6 or sometimes im getting them at 3 stars and People are like WTFFFF xD i love it <3 and then you want to save as much gold as possible for 8/10. At 8/10 you will have an idea what your combo is gonna look like , if you got a lot of preds you will go for it . If you got a lot of light , light combo it is :) at 18/20 is the last time you gonna roll for 3 star champions , use your gold wise here. If you need only 1 champion to 3 stars dont roll all of your gold , roll like 10-20g. After that save gold for level ups and pick heros you need ( depends on the game ) from the free refresh. Get 50g and dump all on EXP ( but dont go below 50g ) Save those 50g if you are feeling pressured for levle up or last rolling on characters. I recorded a game so heres a link to it :) hope you guys enjoy it. I play preds and Woods at this game btw. I have few more with lights and ocean mages will upload them soon Link:
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