Not saving up money is to good for an auto chess type game....

Wining just gives to much gold it needs a nerf im sick of ppl who legit don't know how to play this game and spamm gold on early game reflesh and level ups. Its just bad for this game... it makes it so RNG dependent... The player who fights vs the kids who spend all there gold early will lose the game and the once who don't will win this game... Like matchups are al wrong for me and i feel this nearly every game. I don't lose because i can't play i lose because im match vs player who've spend 30-50 more gold then me.. Meanwile the once who have 50 gold for income are fighting other ppl with at lest 30 gold not spent.. That's just so wrong, make incoming matter more, make wining matter less and boom you have a good game. OR at lest make it so early to mid game game on lose is a lot lower.. I legit feel like someone is paying them money or they are premades working for the gole of there friend winning... 1st 10 rounds im vs nothing but kids spamming there full gold not careing about income.. and by 4-1 im with 10 hp meanwile a guy who doesn't fight them and fight vs ppl who save up gold is fully healthy banking on 5 gold income and 3 gold from win streaking.... and i just find that morally wrong.. Can't we get matched like players who are on the same or close to income level??? Why must some player fight vs 50 income players and onthe have to suffer in the hands on morons spamming gold and having level 2-3 units by level 5-6 that will forsure lose latee game because ppl who income will be of higher level??
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