@Riot. Remove item RNG. And the game becomes better. Simple as that.

People have been saying this since freaking PBE, remove item RNG. You can take your time with nerfing glacial. You can take your time with the RNG of the champions you get. Take your time with literally everything else. But item RNG? That needs to change. There's no reason to have it. No reason to keep it. And every single reason to change it. A person can get a god roll and get a tier 3 Vayne super early. But with the math, SOMEONE is going to get 2-4 items and SOMEONE is just going to get screwed. Cause now that one guy that got double god rolls now has the tier 3 Vayne with a Rapidfirecannon or rageblade. ā€¦.or both. Imagine if Summoner's Rift worked like that. Where minions have an RNG on giving you EXP. You could kill 3-4 minions and maybe get 1 exp, where the other guy kills the same amount and gets all the EXP and hits level 2 first. Could you imagine how much fun that would be? Spoilers. It wouldn't be fun. It would never be fun. And if that was the case, League would have died out years ago. Seriously. Get rid of item RNG.

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