TFT is complete RNG

I feel as though all that TFT is is RNG. Do you get 9 Garen's/Darius's/Mordekaiser's/Warwicks/Zed's? You won. I always lose because all I get is thirteen ADC's and then have to fight against 20 brusiers/tank's with so much health. It's all RNG. Was hoping the game mode would be good. Completetly disapointed. Just give us ARURF. Or Nexus Blitz. Literally anything that isn't this bull crap. Also, the amount of XP you need to level up is to high. You want me to fight 219498234 brusiers? Give me the option for spots instead of giving one per level. 4 gold for 4 XP isn't worth. 2 XP every turn when you need 70 is terriible. This is, in my opinion, the worst gamemode ever. I would rather have Mordekaiser super buffed until he one shots you level one because his passive goes on for infinity then he just flashes n your adc takes them to the Death Realm and then you lose the fight because theres no carry. OH WAIT, that's already happening. Make the gamemode less RNG ffs.
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