Pantheon already dead.

I was already disgusted with the forced out nature of Pantheon. Thematically ?guardian/dragon? is pretty gross. Very gross. As for game play it doesn't open up new strats it just kinda makes another guardian for existing strats or another dragon for hypershiv or a sorc comp where for some reason you use guardians instead of brawlers or knights for frontline, but neither are good. Its TF all over again. At least he was strong which made him hype even w/o a good build up comp! Well until now. They decided, after "careful testing", that Pantheon is too strong! Now he is nerfed into the ground. If you haven't seen it go look at the 9.17 patch notes now. He's the new TF, and by far the weakest 5gold unit on top of being the least useful comp wise.

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