Why I as a support don't get sight stone anymore

{{item:2049}} is worth 800 gold for the 150 health and the ward passive but the stats are worth only about 650 gold (maybe even less) and here's why. {{item:3361}} At level 9 I can pay 250 gold for a recharging stealth totem item and place my ward limit on the map most of the time as well. If this passive (a superior one no less) is worth 250 gold then the {{item:2049}} is no longer gold efficient. I am over paying 150 gold for bonus health when I could have used that slot for say more ap? or any other superior stat? And before you say "well just pay 250 gold for {{item:3364}} instead and ward clear and then buy {{item:2049}} " First that's the Junglers job. His job is to ward clear the buffs because that's the whole point of smite and that includes the dragon and baron buffs. Secondly I'm still overpaying for the trinket passive (an inferior one) on the {{item:2049}}. I am also overpaying for {{item:3364}} in the process (remember that oracles passive lasted 4 mins originally for 400 gold) I get a passive to scout for wards for 10 seconds. if it was longer or I could reduce cool downs it would make sense but the utility is not worth the cost or the opportunity cost. An opportunity cost is what you could have purchased for the same amount of money and the opportunity cost in this case is one extra ward on the map as well as extra damage and healing depending on the champion. The slot efficiency is not worth the cost. Assuming that the whole team got this upgrade excluding the Jungler, you could have as many as 12 wards on the map at once. So for the love of God upgrade the trinket.
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