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I didn't want to admit I needed help with this, but at this point I do. I'm a support main; I've been playing support since around level 10 when I first found out what supporting was, and that's been all I played at a serious level. But with the new season coming up, I want to expand into other roles so I'm not just a one trick pony when it comes to ranked. **Some things to know when helping me:** I don't want to play jungle yet, at all. That's my last learning priority for after I've gotten comfortable with everything else. If you do see jungle champs on my champion list (I'll put this below) tell me what lane they go in if they don't jungle and how to play them in that lane. Also, I don't need to learn the whats, I need to learn the hows. I know I need certain amount of cs at certain times, I know I need to push lane on some occasions and not push others. But it's the hows and whens that I'm not so good with. I've listed below things I'm good with and things I know I need help on, if that helps anyone giving me tips. *(I'll add more to these lists if I can think of anything. Tired and kinda blank-minded as to what I can even do as of posting this. xD)* **The Good Stuff** - Supporting has led to me having great map awareness. I usually always have at least a ward or two down if I'm in other lanes. - As well with playing support, I seem to do better with ranged, squishy mage champions. Not that those are all I want to play, though. - My aim with skill-shots isn't half bad. I can usually land a Nidalee spear to the right place, which I've been told is one of the harder ones to land. **The Not-So-Good Stuff** - My CS score usually sucks unless I'm really crushing the lane or playing ADC. Even then it's iffy sometimes. - Sometimes in trying to get CS, I push too far and then don't know what to do. I think pushing too far is what I need to fix, here. - Melee champs make me nervous. I want to learn them, but even when I have escapes such as when playing Fizz or Katarina, I still feel like I'm trapped at a close range and can't leave if I need to. - Much like the previous point, in playing Support, laning alone has also made me nervous, especially playing Mid lane. Again I feel like I couldn't always escape if I needed to. At least playing ADC, I have someone else there to help me if I get stuck, which is obviously more comforting. **My Current Champion List:**
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