Improve your last hitting

Last hitting minions is massively important to gaining an advantage over your lane opponent -- being up by just 30 cs is nearly equivalent gold-wise to being up two kills. This kind of advantage directly translates to your ability to snowball the lane, and ultimately the game. In this video, Jeremy GamingCurios demonstrates a last hitting practice regimen [originally developed by Diamond ADC Elyndar]( and [turned into an infographic by bruzabrocka]( As he notes in the video, this regimen helped him increase his last hitting accuracy from 60% to 80% -- an improvement that results in an extra 21 cs (~420 gold) at the 10 minute mark of a match. Jeremy is a Platinum support main on NA, and is the creator of the [Jeremy "Gaming Curios" - Guides and Top 10's channel on YouTube]( Here are some of the highlights: * [[1:25]]( Drill #1: General last hitting * [[1:52]]( Drill #2: Movement and map awareness * [[2:21]]( Drill #3: Wave management * [[3:01]]( Drill #4: Simulating pressure * [[3:39]]( Drill #5: Challenge mode * [[4:25]]( Results and observations Have you ever attempted a training regimen to level up your League mechanics? Let us know in the comments below, and please recommend your favorite community guides or videos! Jeremy has been playing LoL since Season 1, reaching Platinum in Season 4. He began making League videos as a high schooler in August 2012, amassing over 26 million views across his 350+ videos since. Learn more about Jeremy GamingCurios through the links below! * [Follow JeremyGC on Twitter]( * [Jeremy GC's YouTube Channel]( * [Jeremy GC's Facebook Page](
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