Small pointers for Low Elo/Unranked Non-Support Mains (from a low elo player)

I'm Unicky, A Bronze 3 Mid/Adc main. I mostly play {{champion:96}} {{champion:45}} and {{champion:34}}. I've only been playing for a little less than a year and I mostly play normal (unless it's one of those days). Anyways, being a low elo player I've seen a lot of stupid stuff and don't a lot of stupid stuff instead (I once tried Veigar ADC, not the most optimal but it was very fun). Recently, I've started to hate playing Adc despite the fact that it's my second best role. That's because, being forced to lane with someone who probably doesn't want to play support to begin with (I personally enjoy it though) and doesn't have any idea how to play support in general, is hard to deal with. Disclaimer: to those who already know this stuff and use it frequently <3 * Every time I see my support exit the lane with a {{item:1056}} or a {{item:1054}} It puts me on tilt, it really does. Supports usually grab {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} These items not only give you gold and stats, but they also give you very useful actives when they're fully upgraded that are very good for peeling for you teams which is your job as a support. * Please don't take CS from your carry unless they aren't in lane or by accident, no matter how much CS they miss. Keep an eye on your Relic Shield charges and ping before you use it to ensure that you don't ruin your carries rhythm. (Also Adc's don't flame your support for taking cs without relic shield, be polite and ask them nicely to stop). * After you kill one the enemy laners, help your Adc push the wave but try not to take cs. it's perfectly fine if you do on accident, but it'll just annoy your carry if you do it on purpose. Along the same lines, try and use your utility to help your carry get to lane faster it'll be very useful. * **Always** back next to and around the same time as your carry unless you have the opportunity to roam. This is huge, and can net your carry a kill or two and most of the time, save your lives. * {{item:2049}} this is one of the best and most gold efficient items in the entire game. Try and get this on your first back, and switch out your {{item:3340}} for a {{item:3341}} you only need to place 11 wards to have paid this item off. Since you'll be keeping it for the entire game, you can easily make this item worth well over 4000 gold if you're consistent with it. * While a support based rune page is very useful, it's also costly it can cost anywhere from 14,000 IP to 17,000 IP. You can use a generic AP rune page if need to, however there's no excuse not to have a mastery page for support (unless you didn't know that existed). For support mastery pages you should always get 21 in the Utility tree, and from there you have options. * You don't have to feel super bad for getting a kill, unless you actually tried to steal it to be a jerk, then you should feel bad. As long as your carry gets an assist, he still get's gold for it. Also, with the lane now being a 2v1 (unless you and your support have next to no hp), you can zone the enemy carry or support from gold and experience which means YOUR CARRY CAN FARM FREELY!!! But always try and give the kill to your carry if you can, and try and secure kills if you have to. And to my fellow Adc's DO NOT FLAME YOUR SUPPORT FOR TAKING A KILL! First of all, getting a kill feels good taking that from someone will put them on tilt. Anyways that's all i got, Good luck on the Rift.
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