Stay Positive and Don't GIve Up

I played Irelia mid yesterday and the game started off pretty poorly. Our jungle Diana was having a terrible time and being super toxic to everyone on our team. At one point our diana split mid mid in an attempt to back door. Taking the mid inhibitor and rushing on to their nexus. However, she was unable to take the inhibitor (she did alleviate a lot of the pressure the enemy team was applying to us and this was a key part in our winning the game... keep this in mind), so when I respawned I rushed through our jungle leaving our team to defend against the super minion waves and I jumped on their nexus. But like Diana I was not quite able to destroy it. We went back and forth for a while me trying to back door their nexus and the enemy team trying to retake our inhibitors. After one of my failed attempts the enemy nasus, nunu, and blitzcrank killed our diana, kennen, and draven, leaving morgana to defend (their lucian also died). She died shortly after our first nexus tower fell, and once again Diana started saying we lost, and we all sucked, and so on (at this point my team was sick of her), but morgana was able to stall just long enough for me to respawn. Both Blitz and Nasus were at half health and I killed Blitz just as they started attacking our second nexus turret fell. I killed Nasus just after our second nexus turret fell, and killed nun when he was 2 auto attacks from taking our nexus. After this Diana and I suicided a couple times trying to back door their inhib which got it low enough for our draven to back door winning us the game. Don't give up: Diana started many surrender votes and said the game was over and we lost many times. The rest of our team refused to listen to her and we managed to pull out a win. Stay Positive: Remember when Diana first attempted to back door and this played a vital role in our win. Well in the after game chat my team was telling me I was MvP and how good I was and such (mostly for saving our nexus in a 1v3) and Diana brought up that her back door played a key part in our win, but the rest of my team just told her she sucked and brushed her off. The reason for this is because she was so negative the entire game. Why give someone credit or acknowledge they did well when they were blaming everyone else for what they thought would be a loss. Don't give up and you'll win more games, and stay positive and you'll get recognition for your plays and thanks for the good game.

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