Tips against Talon?

Hi, Castanean here. Fairly recently, I had a game where I fought a Talon, and got absolutely wrecked, and went 1/4/0 throughout the laning phase. It was a normal blind-pick game with me playing Veigar. Now, I'm fully aware that Talon completely shits on Veigar, but that's just even more reason for me to ask how to counter him, because in a matchup like that I never stood a chance to begin with, giving me literally no chance to *actually learn.* I also found that exhaust doesn't help at all against Talon due to the oh-so instant nature of his damage, and by the time I finished my Zhonya's, he already wrecked too quick for me to actually use the active, and even if I managed, he would just finish me the instant it wore off. So... What does one do against a Talon?
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