Do you constantly lose your promotional series? Do you constantly get "crappy" teammates?

I constantly see people posting on forums that they just lost their promotional series because they had a “crappy” team, or because they did not get their preferred “main” role. If that’s what you usually say, well after reading my post, I hope you’ll gain some valuable information that hopefully you may be able to apply next time you’re one game away from being promoted to the next division/tier. **"I didn't get my main/preferred role."** You lost your match because you didn’t get your preferred role? So you’re telling me that you believe you deserve be in a higher division/tier, while you are only capable of playing a single role efficiently and effectively? You’re telling me that you can only win games if you play BLANK role? A player is only as good as their worst role. Something all players have to realize and understand is that just like in life, you’re not always going to get what you want. You’re going to have to adapt to whatever is thrown at you. Something else that ALL ranked players should know is that if you’re going to play ranked you NEED to know and be fairly decent at Supporting, Jungling, and any other role. Why? It’s simple, every now and then you’re going to be last pick and you might have to JG, or Support, so you might as well prepare for it. This leads me to my second point. **"Ask yourself."** Did you EVERYTHING you could possibly do in your part to prepare for and win the game? Did you practice the other 4 roles that aren’t your “main” role? Did you have a backup plan to what you could do in the case that you didn’t get your role? Did you ward every possible time that you could have? Did you land all your skill shots? (If you had any). Did you have perfect CS for the first 15 minutes? Did you ping when your laner was missing? Did you waste a summoner spell when you shouldn’t have? Did you help and roam when you had the opportunity to? Did you know what you were doing, in terms of what objectives to get, or did you just go with the flow of the game? I’m fairly sure, you did not do all of this, because even the professionals don’t always do it. There is always something you can improve on, or get better at. Maybe if you would have stayed in lane a bit longer and got a few more CS, you could’ve affording a different item, or a health pot that may have saved your life. **"Reason for EVERY* loss."** The only way any player can lose a match is by losing objectives throughout the whole game. There isn’t a single sole reason why a game was lost, other than lots of tiny mistakes throughout the game. Something low-elo, and even some mid to high elo players fail to realize is that kills, DO NOT win you the game. You can go 50 – 0, and that will not win you the game! League of Legends is not like Call of Duty, where the first team to 50, 75, or even 100 kills wins. League of Legends is a tactical game made up of hundreds of thousands of decisions, with the main objective of destroying the enemy Nexus. Until you as a player are able to comprehend that your ultimate goal in every match should be destroying the enemy Nexus, you will not improve as you possible can. For those of you, that are think, “What is this guy is talking about, kills are freaking important!?” Yes, I know that kills are important, and that they strongly influence the outcome of the game, but they are not how a game is won. A game is won, by playing AS A TEAM to get objectives, such as dragon, towers, inhibs, Baron, and the Nexus. These are a few things that low-elo/new players have a hard time to grasp and understand. If you look at the professionals, they seem to always be doing something, or trying to get an objective. **"But I deserve to BLANK division/tier"** Until you, as a player understand the importance of lasting hitting, grouping, item selection, managing runes & masteries, game mechanics, warding, team fighting, and pushing objectives, you’ll have a rough time. If you truly want to become a better player, and climb the ranked ladder, well then practice! Record your games so you can watch and analyze what you may have done wrong, or what you could have done that would have changed the outcome of the match. Watch streamers, tutorial videos, learn new champions, and practice roles you struggle with. Remember, you CANNOT always get what you want, and you’re only as strong as your weakest role. I don’t mean to discourage or piss off anyone reading this, but take it from me, a Diamond V (75 LP) player, there is always something you can get better at, and you have to deal with and accommodate with the team that you have. Even when their “crappy”.

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