Community Patch Recap - 5.17

After the massive 5.16 Juggernaut patch, we get a bit of a break (5.17 focuses on fine-tuning several champions) before the Worlds patch right around the corner.

Want to know how these changes affect your game? TheAngryHoneyBadger and LoLClass are here to catch you up.

LoLClass - Patch 5.17 Pro Patch Breakdown ft. Bjergsen, Santorin, and Amazing

LoLClass has top professionals from Team Solomid and Origen weigh in on how certain champions are affected by the patch.

TheAngryHoneyBadger - Patch 5.17 in One Minute

TheAngryHoneyBadger gives his take on the 5.17 tweaks to LoL in exactly one minute!

Want more info about Patch 5.17?

Read the official patch notes here if you haven't already or take a look at the Patch 5.17 rundown:

5.17 Patch Rundown - Almost Worlds ft. ZionSpartan


What champion do you think benefitted the most from 5.17ā€™s changes? Let us know in the comments below!
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