Thorough Wukong guides or tips?

I have REALLY enjoyed playing Wukong lately. He brings the team utility one needs help your team, but still has enough in his kit to help you carry on your own. But since I have been picking him up I have been mostly playing him in the jungle, but I want to learn how to use him in lane. My dilema however, I recently took on a Tryn in lane, and was shut down pretty hard. I got the first kill after a bit because he got cocky/greedy.... but he definitely won lane. He kept healing himself so I couldnt wear him down, using chicken to make me miss cs, and when I would try to force a fight after he healed (since his rage was empty) I just couldnt out duel him. Any tips for any match up is appreciated, or any guide that is pretty thorough so I can learn the match ups is also appreciated.
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