What to do if Jungle doesn't gank?

I've had some really great games recently but the ones i've lost, 5 losses in a row have been to the jungle not ganking lanes at all. What do you do about this? Is there any way to win lane without your jg? Their jg is ganking ALOT, meanwhile ours just sits in jg. Im not just talking about top lane, I'd like some advice on how to deal with this in every lane and every role, if thats possible. I really need some help with this! Thx! Edit: Thanks alot for the advice guys i guess i gotta ward up a bit. I usually leave basr with 0-20 gold but i guess i gotta take the hit and not risk. Thanks guys! Also another thing id like to add in. I know how to set up a gank letting them push in and small trading to lower their hp, but even with me farming under my own turret the jungler wouldnt gank for me. He would sit in jg. Sometimes they dont even build devourer, they just refuse to gank and get toxic on me for asking, claiming its my fault for losing when the enemy gets 2-3 ganks when i get none. How do i win this situation?
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