The Climb: How to Win Trades In Lane

Want to dominate your lane? We’ve got a video from Phroxzon (OCE) teaching us all about the “trading stance,” a method that makes it easier to win trades and secure kills. He used this concept, and others covered in his popular [Leaguecraft 101 YouTube series](, to climb to Diamond in S4 (currently Plat in S5)-- so take notes! What tactics do you use to get a leg up on your lane opponent? Let us know in the comments below, and please recommend your favorite community guides or videos! **About the Educator** Phroxzon (OCE) is a student at the University of New South Wales and member of the school’s LoL Society. Wanting to help his fellow students get better at League, he held LoL strategy talks in campus lecture halls and uploaded these lectures to YouTube. Thus the Leaguecraft 101 video series was born. The series has grown to over 15 videos, covering topics ranging from basic laning mechanics to 80+ minute deep dives into specific Champion strategy. Learn more about Phroxzon and Leaguecraft 101 through the links below! * [Follow Phroxzon on Twitter]( * [UNSWLoLSoc YouTube Channel]( * [UNSWLoLSoc Facebook Page](
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