Doran's Shield - Clarification Request on Certain Interactions

Doran's Shield was changed so that it would block 8 damage from single target spells. I know how this works for general single-target spells, but I was curious about it's interaction with certain abilities. If anyone knows about certain interactions and wants to chime in, it would be appreciated. * How does the damage block work on single-target damage-over-time effects such as Swain's Q and E, Malzahar's E, or Udyr's Q? * Does the shield block 8 damage from Jax's W and R passive in addition to the 8 damage blocked from the autoattack? (Laned against Jax before posting this and I was curious) * Does the shield block 8 damage from Kayle's E-enhanced autoattacks on the primary target? That is, blocking 8 damage from the on-hit magic damage in addition to the autoattack itself. * Does each ball used in Syndra's ultimate count as an individual single-target spell for the purposes of damage blocking? I remember that it behaved like this with Muramana in the past. * Does it reduce the damage of Karthus' Q if you are the only unit hit by it? Does it reduce the damage of Karthus' Q if it hits multiple targets? * Does it reduce on-hit damage from champion abilities (Miss Fortune W, Kog'maw W, Nami E)? * Does it block damage 5 times for Warwick's ultimate, twice for Shyvana Q, or 2/3 times for Renekton W? (This wouldn't be affected by the change, so did it before?) * How does it block damage for abilities which detonate a mark on a target (Akali Q, Leblanc Q)? Does it block 8 damage once on application and once on detonation?
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