SUpport Questions and Wave control during Laning phase

I have spent most of the last year ( my first year) in Solo-Q learning game play strategy in general, like rotations, team play, and drafting strategy. Becoming efficient in every lane and role. Now that I have helped put together a 5s team its back to basics in perfecting my main role. That role is Support. So i figured id come here first with some questions. When is it appropriate for me to help the ADC push the lane faster by damaging creeps? when shouldn't I? Currently, the only time i help push a lane (by help i don't mean taking last hits, just applying dmg) is if the enemies are out of lane and i want to get some tower dmg in. a few examples would be nice. Is it appropriate for the support to effectively be the "shot-caller"? We are bronze/silver material so a shot caller isn't exactly crucial, we all communicate and make informed decisions together, I am just an arbiter when it comes to making decisions in situations that indecisiveness could be devastating, like weather or not to go on drag/baron etc. Just curios if another lane would be better suited? I was selected because I have the best knowledge of game strategy. Also, any other next level Support advice, or sources of information where i can find some would be absolutely bad-ass and totally appreciated! Thanks!
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