When to get a bling blade?

Say you eventually want to build a {{item:3087}} or {{item:3142}}, but not at the moment. Is getting and sitting on it early as a minor gpm item worth it? Like, potentially, a {{champion:11}} build going something like (jungle item), {{item:3006}}, {{item:3093}}, {{item:3153}}? I'm not really sure how to do the math factoring in LH/min or other things like the value of a completed item vs the minor parts. (Pretty sure that the wiki has something on that on each item page but not sure how to work that out I'm afraid. Help would greatly be appreciated.) EDIT: Seems from what people are saying, I'm putting too many eggs into the basket of the minor gp/5 instead of being more combat ready with just a little more gold. Thanks all
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