Upgraded trinkets and you!

Can we please have a huge headliner article in the launcher about the upgraded trinkets? Too many people are not upgrading and I believe it is because they just don't know about it... and it sounds too good to be true when I tell them. EDIT#2: I forgot to mention something. Upgrading your trinket before level 9 is not even possible. This probably has a hand in why people aren't upgrading. It's easy to forget! {{item:3361}} Considered a "Lesser Lesser sighstone" this item slowly gains charges, but ensures you will not even have to think about purchasing a stealth ward or have it take up inventory space to grant your team vision. {{item:3362}} A lookalike counterpart to the greater stealth ward totem, this right here will slowly charge up to give you a pink ward once in awhile. This item is extremely helpful when the enemy team has those pesky stealth mechanics. {{champion:67}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:84}} Of course it is also always helpful when trying to control the vision of the enemy team as well! {{item:3342}} This item is great for scouting at a safe distance. It has other uses too, like revealing enemies for a global skill shot. The upgraded counterpart ( {{item:3363}} ) will give you more range on a shorter cooldown, while also placing a unique ward in the area from an extremely safe distance. {{item:3341}} This item will reveal and *disable* nearby wards and traps. Note that at level 9 it will become more effective by default with increased range and a lower cooldown. I believe the upgraded version ( {{item:3364}} ) gives you even more range AND will also reveal invisible champions caught within the radius. Also note, that while this item disables the sight granted from wards, enemies can still see the animation of the lens if they have vision OF the bush. They don't need to be inside the bush, but just to have vision of it. This can give away your presence if you're trying to gank! THANKS! Please upgrade your trinkets or I will have to start a collage depicting 9/10 players in the endgame lobby with no upgraded trinket 40 minutes into the game.
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