The 10 rules for becoming and maintaining diamond V

1) Always start champion select off with "URGOT JG OLNY" >This helps you gauge the toxicity of your teammates 2) Always go 21 in offense. NO EXCEPTIONS >You win games with offense, not defense or utility 3) Rush into lane with no items and suicide to tower if there is no enemy present >Hopefully you can get an auto attack or two off, every point of damage helps! 5) Buy red trinket and upgrade it ASAP >You're goal is to slay as many wards as you can, amount of wards slain directly correlates to win rate 6) If you get first blood, trash talk until they rage >Trash talking an enemy is always good, try to make legitimate arguments, hopefully the enemy team will fight with each other (common insults involve: bronzel0rd, reported for unskilled player, Reginald, weeb, blue caster minion) 7) If you are AD, buy Sword of the Occult, if you are AP, buy Mejai's Soulstealer >You can now justify the so called "killsteal" myth, plus they are the most cost efficient items in the game 8) Wraiths are always the priority >Making sure both team's wraiths are down at all time is very important, it pisses people off when they can't kill wraiths 9) If you are playing Swain, always do a 15 minutes baron nashor > As Swain says, "The early bird GUTS the worm," obviously it's a message telling you to do an early baron 10) You must go Madstone, even if you are laning, especially if you are support >Madstone is the most OP build in the game, viable on all champions
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