Community Patch Recap - 5.16

With the introduction of the Juggernaut Items and several champion reworks, Patch 5.16 sparked a ton of discussion within the community. Want to get caught up on how this patch changed the game? Study up with these player-created videos.

Phylol - 5 biggest changes in Patch 5.16

Phylol gives his take on the largest changes in 5.16 and how he feels they'll affect the game.

Jeremy "Gaming Curios" - Indirect Changes on the Meta

Jeremy GC flips the script on the patch notes, focusing on what he feels are the indirect effects on the meta as a result of these changes.

Want more info about Patch 5.16?

Read the official patch notes here if you haven't already.

For an abbreviated take, check out these sweet patch summary infographics that KairuX put together:
You can also watch the 5.16 Patch Rundown for a more in-depth look at the changes.

5.16 Patch Rundown - Juggerwhaaaaat?


For those of you that still need to read the Patch Notes, Pwnin Boundaries has a Public Service Announcement on the importance of reading patch notes.

Pwnin Boundaries - This is Why We Read Patch Notes
How do you prep for a new patch? Let us know in the comments below!
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