: no they said it might become permanent depending on how many people stayed interested in it through the testing phase but by the end of it it was a dead gamemode
It was a dead gamemode in the end? Normal draft was more dead than nexus blitz, que times were less than 30 seconds.
: Rotating gamemodes
I agree, they said nexus blitz was gna be a permanent gamemode but it ofc didnt last, now TFT which has nothing to do with league what so ever and is a total rip off from dota Chess gets to stay instead. It's really fucked up and contributes nothing to the actual game as it was from the start. It seems that Riot is making it all about money instead of hearing the people who play the ACUTAL game and supply them with gamemodes that are fun and interesting to play.
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: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
URF/Maybe Neeko bug. You are able to win URF fight twice. i played neeko with premades we got into URF and i killed the enemy team on their last health aswell as mine, chogath ulted me and right after my aa killed him, this caused a bug which ended up saying that both teams won but our team got both of the rewards instead of split rewards and 2 messages that we won the event, both super cloud dragon and Guardian angel. this was pretty busted since we could instantly just run into the enemy team and make use of our guardian angels even faster and more efficient.
ORissol (EUW)
: Ooookay I see everyone complaining, so allow me to present my complaints as well: 1: i have just under 4400 BE at the moment. i have 2 mastery 6 tokens for heimerdongo, and it costs over 3000 BE. so i have to choose between something that i worked hard for, but will leave me with no BE, or save up the BE to buy a new champion, and not be able to show off my mastery with a champion i enjoy playing 2: i feels no reward for playing games now. For example: before i would finish a game where my team played very bad, and were feeding and i would be very upset for losing the game, but when the game was over, i would look at my IP balance and think "well at least i'm close to buying the champion i want" Now, i still get bad teams, and there is no reward at the end of the game, just some EXP gain, that will probably: A: give me a champion i dont want B: give me a champion i already have So i will have to disenchant the shard to get BE, which is stupid because before i would get IP after every game, and now i have to endure a couple days of no rewards, only to get a reward that will most likely not feel worthed the time invested in it 3: please allow players do delete those awful premade/standard mastery pages They are more useless than the feeders in my promos
> [{quoted}](name=ORissol,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Jh3Mtzu6,comment-id=0026,timestamp=2017-11-09T01:48:28.640+0000) > 3: please allow players do delete those awful premade/standard mastery pages > They are more useless than the feeders in my promos Yes, Just YES PLEASE{{champion:122}}

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