: Happening to me in LCS as well. I've watched every match of my selected team and I am stuck at 2/3 for mission two.
2/3 ? how did you even got any , i watched a whole 50 min + G2 game and i have 0/3....
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Looks pretty similar to me
not that much really dude , the color is normal in the theme an his face looks much more manlier
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Ðeathwish (EUNE)
: The new skin is amazing but...
I get it its different in game and its hard to change it but at least change the icon to the better one....
: https://assets.rbl.ms/18922561/300x.jpg
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: I agree it is a bit weird to look at, but he's from space in that universe. He's going to look weird, especially since he's clearly different from the other "humans" in that universe. For example, Sona also looks weird.
they can make it look weird other ways , i still think it can be changed
reba042 (NA)
: You don't understand, James Charles is Zed. There is no difference. You cannot change James Charles without affecting his fans and other companies. Because you cannot change James Charles without creating chaos, you cannot change Zed. Zed is a makeup artist and James Charles is an assassin. Deal with it.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalikain,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=F7tY6AAp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-08T16:20:33.992+0000) > > Most respected characters? Despised is a better word Despised in gameplay wise ( Including me I despise him ) But the OP said character- wise , yes , Zed is a respected and cool character.
Kalikain (NA)
: Most respected characters? Despised is a better word
In bronze yes , and i meant as a character
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Ðeathwish (EUNE)
i started a pettition http://chng.it/PQvFpYHczn
Vulkus I (NA)
: He looks absolutely horrid, literally exactly like that one gay Youtube makeup tutorial dude
yes . we have to do something
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