: Late to the Awaken party...
I know cinematics aren't directly tied to the lore but I'm really curious as to how she would end up back in Noxus again.
: Visual Effect Updates: Kennen, Olaf, Wukong and Riven
The idea behind Riven's new VFX is quite good but not executed so well , colors seem off , the constant Q circles on the ground are annoying (also they look way too precise for a warrior-like hack n' slash type a champion), W is barely visible like come on i sometimes just press it to look at it :D , E hurts my OCD with those randomly shaped blade pieces. Can't really complain about R, though i think the windslash needs a better trail behind it. And finally her passive is just non-existent , you could see her arm glow but no one will pay attention to the sword unless it really "shines". oh and i hope someone sees that dragonblade's W is literally drawn in paint , pls fix that one as well xD


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