: Best way to practice?
Start with the emchanically simplest characters to master game sens elike Garen, master yi or other stat chekcs and move up in skill difficulty
: Pyke Ult Didn't work on Pantheon E
The E blocks ignite you ain't special pyke
Bultz (NA)
: Orianna is doing way to much damage
A consistent full ap poke mage... Does more damage than a bruiser who builds hybrid between damage and tank IMAGINE MY SHOCK
: Is it just me or is new Pantheon pretty well balanced for a new champion?
Kìt (OCE)
: Are we not gonna talk about pantheons spear?
: Champion Advice or Shen vs Chogath
Use aftershock and you win every shen trade. Also, your job is to be roaming
: That he scales with bonus AD **does not suggest him to build full AD**. He is a diver and **alot** of divers mostly scale with bonus AD, but their most efficient builds are still a mix of AD and tank items. {{champion:59}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:421}} Just because a champions damage scales with bonus AD does not mean they are supposed to build nothing but AD. The class that mostly scales with total AD are juggernauts.
He is not a diver. He absolutely is lacking as a diver. His gap closing (You kmnow something divers can do from enar full screen) sucks and his ultiumate as a tool to dive is super telegraphed and unreliable. Also if you think his E makes up for the in built sustain or burst other divers have I have abd news
: Jarvan is F tier, dont let people tell you hes good. He isnt.
Jarvan is flat out just superior new pantheon so what does that say
: What is J4 even good at?
GilxeN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ćold As Ice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Oc4H2LGw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-20T12:48:40.944+0000) > > New pantheon has one issue -Absolutely no role. Old pantheon was really bursty, new pantheon's ttk is honestly BAD. He has no sustain to eb a bruiser, no total ad sclaings either > > He has no long rnage engage to be a diver > > He has no cooldowns to be a reliable poker, nor an escape and low ttk to be an assassin. > > Hies duels are weak NGL, as he cannot stick to targets easily > > He fulfills no role > > YUUMI on the other hand has a role. She is by design an enchanter, like qiyana is an assassin. Even overnerfed they have a role to fulfil, and can do it, pantheon ahs no role Neither old pantheon had long range, old pantheon was ultra cancer cuz of point to click Q with high dmg early game. Who ever crying about Pantheon are complete delusionals.
: Guys guys guys...Pantheon is not weak, please stop!
New pantheon has one issue -Absolutely no role. Old pantheon was really bursty, new pantheon's ttk is honestly BAD. He has no sustain to eb a bruiser, no total ad sclaings either He has no long rnage engage to be a diver He has no cooldowns to be a reliable poker, nor an escape and low ttk to be an assassin. Hies duels are weak NGL, as he cannot stick to targets easily He fulfills no role YUUMI on the other hand has a role. She is by design an enchanter, like qiyana is an assassin. Even overnerfed they have a role to fulfil, and can do it, pantheon ahs no role
: Allowing Pantheon to change direction of his E would massively improve him
The only changeto hsi e mechanic is that the shield should face the cursor not where pantheon is facing
asamu (NA)
: Half the cd is refunded if you don't charge the Q, so it's effectively a 5 second cd at rank 1. It also only does reduced damage to secondary targets if you charge it, and hits almost instantly if you don't, so it's better for waveclear/poke if you don't charge it.
Old Q had lower cooldown and better damage at level 1, oh and new tapped Q cannot do execute crit
asamu (NA)
: I didn't say it was instant, just how much damage he could do reasonably consistently. Panth isn't an assassin, so comparing him to talon doesn't make sense. He has an ability that makes him immune to damage from a direction. Panth does need a longer stun on his Q so he can do something other than get the triple auto off before it ends, but he doesn't need any significant buffs to his damage. His scaling is alright, but he falls off because he's a melee AD mage bruiser - just like Renek or Darius who also fall off hard late game. He's obviously not going to be as strong as a Jax or Irelia in the late game; his early game is quite strong though (He should crush Jax/irelia in lane), and his win rate isn't THAT bad. Those 3 items give 140... 40 (cleaver) + 40 (titanic) + 60 (sterak's) = 140. Full build you should get about 200 bAD, which is enough for him to kill people. Just because PTA and conqerer are the go-to for lane panth (with a minimal game count on new panth from anyone, and jungle with electrocute being the more popular set up) doesn't mean they're the best. It's way too early to say what's best definitively. Panth doesn't stay fighting long enough to make use of conquerer, and it's totally useless for him in the early game where you don't want long trades; PTA is probably better because of his empowered W though; probably about on par with electrocute; aftershock is almost certainly the best in team-fights, since he's not an assassin. Aftershock gives a ton of resists after the initial stun, which is a big deal in teamfights, when he typically is running a lower on resists, and the damage scales with HP, which you'll probably build a lot of. Kat doesn't have any AA resets, and she's squishy baseline. Her mobility means she doesn't need to build tanky, and her ult takes time to do damage and scales better with AP. Complaining about his waveclear is ridiculous, since 2 uses of a 5s-2.4s cd ability clears any minion wave from level 4 or 5. You don't even need much in terms of items for it.
10nsecond ability. Also the idea that katarina dies not have an autoattack reset is so stunningly dumb to say to a katarina main it's actually funny. Her shunpo in melee range is an autoattack reset
Divin1ty (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fear the Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dEXkmv63,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-08-19T21:13:04.825+0000) > > So what do you do after 15 minutes when landing phase is almost over and your Q starts to fall off hard? Even Lee Sin doesn’t fall off nearly as early. That is Pantheon, lol. That is how he always was and supposed to still be, after everyone and their parents REEEEEED about Champions losing their 'identity'.
Old pantheon has his E absolutely nuke people with a lot of AD. Old pantheon had crazy burst with his QWEQ with 795% bonus AD ratio (now his optimal AD ratio is like... 585% at best full combo and much worse if the enemy dodges an e blast or there is a random minion on your q path... so yeah. He scales worse. His cooldowns are longer.
: He is a diver, which is a fighter subclass (bruiser in your words) and he works like one. He can engage into a fight with his W, but lacks the ability to get out again. So he gets a tool to be able to stay in the fight longer, a defensive mechanic, in his case, this is his E damage immunity. You are right that _most_ divers have some form of healing: {{champion:164}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:240}} (technically, Elise has sustain, but it really isn't much to help her survive a fight, her survivability mostly comes from her untargetability with E) But there are also examples of divers **without** any healing in their kit and other defensive mechanics, like shields and bonus resistances: {{champion:131}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} You don't **have** to have healing in your kit to be considered a diver, but they all have some kind of defensive mechanic in their kit. And among divers, it is actually quite common to mostly scale with bonus AD. {{champion:59}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:421}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:64}} scales with bonus AD {{champion:240}} scales with bonus AD and so on. Bruisers which scale with total AD are mostly juggernauts. Pantheon is a diver, that is very clear. His W is also not his only way to engage, btw, his ult is another tool for that.
A diver? With what engage? Every other diver has teamfight changing engage, burst damage or both. Pantheon lacks that. Also the divers who you mentioned to not have sustain either have shields, escapes or/and insane burst. His W is a trash diving tool. His ult is way too slow to be reliable driving tool. So if he is a diver he is trash at his job. A defacto worse Kled who has midnight mobility and survivability and burst.
asamu (NA)
: His Q, when empowered, has a 200% bAD ratio. If he's doing the spear throw execute, it's 300%. The 140 AD you get from those 3 items at max level gives you 140/280/420 damage. His scaling is VERY good, so you don't need a crazy amount of AD to make use of it. If you think his wave clear is bad, maybe try starting with the Hydra. At level 18, with just those 3 items and runes (~271 TAD/151bAD), the opener of empowered W into auto into titanic reset into Q does: 350% TAD (~948.5) + 4x Titanic procs (+160) + empowered titanic proc (389.5) + empowered Q Stab (777) for a total of 2275 damage before armor. If you throw in an E after all that, it's another up to 271 + 255 + 406.5 = 932.5, for a total of 3207.5 damage before armor, which is enough to kill an ADC/mage, and after the initial combo during the stun that does the bulk of that damage, you're immune to damage from the front for up to 1.5 seconds. Electrocute and aftershock, which are probably the best keystone choices for laning in the early game, since you're not looking for extended trades (though comet, Aery, and phase rush are probably all pretty good as well), both add similar amounts to that burst. If you have mana problems, take manaflow bind, or maybe try building manamune, which might be pretty good on him, with the empowered W triggering the on hit effect 3 times. For sustain, maybe take Ravenous hunter and taste of blood.
One:You described a 6 second long combo as if its instant somehow. Most adcs alone can escape after the W portion if they have any mobility which means about less tha a thousand damage if we take in armor. Also I teamfights you even managing ti get the 3 autos on an ADC sucks Two: How is he going to get onto a squishy? With what mobility. Oh yeah Three: Literally Your rune choices are asbolut garbage. Press the attack and Conqueror are the go to keystones As for items: Anything but a page start means he cannot stick to his opponent. His Q and E slow him down. He needs a phage ASAP. Also by your highly theoretical theory. Ad bruiser katarina is defacto better. She has 450%bAD scaling on her ultimate alone. He has 3 potential autoattack resets, insane mobility and Four:The items you described give you about 100 AD... and other "late game falling off" heroes scale better with those items.
Ralanr (NA)
: Eh, I find his clearing with empowered Q very strong for wave pushing late game, so I never have a problem pushing a wave (I don't even bother using E for pushing). His late game dueling has always been weak. He fell off super hard because his only real goal was to put people as far behind as possible. I do think that Riot should make his late a bit better, but I don't expect them to make him that much better of a duelist.
It takes much to get it and it only one shots backline minions. Another bruiser has much easier time demolishing waves (except Camille) and while Tiamat helps Phage rush is a mist on Pantheon because you really need sticking potential.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Nope he isn't weak He was just released Why do you guys keep doing the same mistake again and again? You called Aatrox bad , you called Yuumi weak and troll pick . both champions ended up as Meta champions , not only that , but both champions had lower winrate than Panth's current winrate give him some time.
Yuumi and Aatrox had one thing - A core identity that could fulfill a role. Aatrox is a sustain bruiser Yuumi is an enchanter Pantheon is... What? An Assassin? With that poor ability to close the gap and no escape? Nope. He doesn't even have ttk low enough. Bruiser? His scalings are all bonus AD, while most bruisers abuse items that really boost your damage through base AD? Where is his sustain. 90% of bruisers have sustain On hit? He has one on hit that is poor and no attack speed steroids Tank? No teamfight engage, AD caster like hero? Other valuable AD casters are either late game scaling beasts (GP, Graves) or poke machines (Poke Varus Jayce) AD Duelist? With those cooldowns on his caster focus? Nah. Splitpusher? Evelynn can be a better splitpusher Late game he is just a below Alistar tier peel bot or cuts off people with his ult hoping he stays alive for long enough to he saved? He lacks something to do. He is not a role. Even old pantheon had something going for him - his ridiculous burst and significantly lower ttk. He ahs no identity right now, but he could be a bruiser type if he is given some changes
: 7.9 was the worst patch in the game's entire history.
Yall ahvent seen the black cleaver week or release le blanc
: Unpopular Opinion: Pantheon's rework was great but balance wise, he's pretty weak.
His problem is that his scaling suggests him to build full Ad, while he is unreliable assassin that has a hard time enagging on ADC's which makes him kiteable, and his optimal bruiser build for late game playstyle does not synergize well with his ONLY BONUS AD SCALINGS. My suggestion is rebalancing his BONUS AD scalings to total AD scalings, and giving him either some minor sustain, or %hp damage, or tankyness stat scaling
Ralanr (NA)
: I think turning his scalings to base from bonus AD is a good call. Pantheon can't function like an assassin as he has no real escapes (something that many divers have more than he does) and because his W is so easy to peel off, he has no way to get onto a carry in a teamfight. This usually leads to Pantheon getting blown up super quickly if he's built like an assassin, whereas assassins like Talon or Zed (though Talon is generally easier to catch) have better escape tools. Allowing Pantheon to get more out of building Bruiser can let him better fufill a frontline role and be the diver he's supposed to be. His builds arguably should be closer to champions like {{champion:164}} {{champion:254}} and {{champion:64}}, but all three of these have some form of in built defense mechanics in their kit that they get from attacking or on a reasonable cooldown (Vi and Camille have shields from attacking (I think Vi does anyway) and Lee has a shield with his dash, and Lee dashes a lot). Pantheon meanwhile only has his new E, which while powerful, is on a long cooldown (though I wouldn't ask to buff him there). The closest champion to Pantheon's actual build is Jayce, a champion that builds no sustain and packs quite a few lethality items. This is because Jayce rarely ever goes into melee unless it's for his combo (and while in melee he has ways to peel himself). Jayce also doesn't have sustain, but he can get away with building DD, whereas Pantheon I feel can't risk getting DD because he blows up too quickly. It should be a good item on him, but he rarely gets it. Pantheon's own lack of escapes imo is also a key reason why he falls off. Pantheon's split power is decent, but when two to three enemy champions meet his push he pretty much has to outrun them or all in and hopefully take someone with him. Now, forcing a bunch of people to answer your push is good, but more durable champions can do the same and last longer, or more mobile champions can do the same and live, preventing any real gain on for the enemy team. Assassin Pantheon is at best a 1 for 1 champion late game, but there are better options for that. Hell, I think Renekton is the best lane bully choice for scaling because of his lockdown, letting him act as a psuedo tank late game by jumping in, stunning, and jumping out with enough durability to survive.
I agree with many of those arguments, but I would like to add that his roaming is overstated. At level 6 pushing is not very fast, and evena slight mis prediction of ult can put your behind. Unlike jayce he cannot clear as fast nor have the advantage of absolutely ridiculous poke damage, that is good late game for sieging and pantheon's poke is only good when its doing execute damage, which is counterintuitive to poke which aims to get people low from full health. ALso his duelign late game is weak, because he effectively has no ultimate in an 1vc1, and other bruisers outright outsustain him before he egts a second combo, while are tanky enough to survive his first combo comfortably.
: I don't think he's in a terrible place. The only issue I find is that he *must* build lethality to be effective, so his build paths feel very constrained. By the way, I really like Press The Attack on him in the toplane - not in every matchup, but it really gives him a lot of bite in extended trades versus toplane tanks. (Electrocute is good too, Grasp is not terrible either.)
I'd rather have his bonus ad scalings be converted and adjusted into total ad scalings, which would lean more nicely into his tri force (or black cleaver), titanic hydra, sterak's bruiser core because he will scale into his items well.
: i made fake patch notes
The patch sucks and nocturne's name is spelled properly 0/10
: are you playing the same game as me? i don't think you are.....
You can only clear with 2 empwoered Q's which takes away a lot of mana, and is much slower than most toplaners. You cannot rush tiamat, because without phage you cannot kerep up your opponents in trades especially when your E slows you down.
asamu (NA)
: New panth 1 shots minion waves with empowered Q after a couple of items... Sounds like you're not building tanky enough. He doesn't really have the kit for full assassin. You should try titanic hydra + black cleaver + Steraks. On hit damage triggers on all 3 of his empowered W attacks (and you should almost never used W without it empowered) so titanic is actually pretty nutty.
Ye so does pyke... ALSO I HAVE MENTIONED THAT AND IT'S AN ISSUE While his bets items are sterak titanic trinity (his core imo) he scales solely on bonus AD, which makes his best items suboptimal because of he had base AD or total AD scalings those items would be worth more on him. His best build is him being suboptimally itemized bruiser. He scales badly into his own items. That's trash
: Problems With a Certain Hourglass
Definitely good suggestion
: you need better roam timing dude, also better wave clear skills man, also what?
Lemme jsut say pantheon can push waves top less effectively than pyke can do it mid
: new panth is fine. he does enough early damage to roam and make all the late game carries snowball. i know this for fact since im not a top main and panth IS ALWAYS IN MY LANE!
Pantheon has trashy roams be cause his pushing power is bad. Roaming versus anyone equals the enemy toplaner getting ahead in farm and taking or or 2 plates which incinerates your lead. If your roam 3 times you lose a tower which mean you gotta def top with your trashy clear, you fell behind and their top has the space to rotate all game with his team getting objectives post 6. Roaming with a pantheon with his inability to push the lane is suicide
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Raıchu (EUNE)
: Revert Katarina
Old katartina as an old katarina and new kata main is a stat check Fuck stat check champions
Ralanr (NA)
: I usually run steraks after BC/Triforce. I haven't tried titanic outside of practice tool.
Sterak si greta for third item
Ralanr (NA)
: Sion, Poppy, Yorick, Evelynn, Taric, etc. A lot of reworks have involved changing so much of the champion that they might be an entirely new champion because they take the original concept and try to rebuild it from the ground up. Very few champions (Warwick, Ezreal, arguably Pantheon) act like more updating a champion's current kit to a modern style.
Actually evelynn fewels similar but more updated. Her old playstyle, spare the charm alos involves snekaing around close enough ebfore emerging and one shotting the allie before getting a mobility reset and fleeing.
Ralanr (NA)
: I agree. Honestly, it feels like Pantheon gets easily bullied by other bullies (Renekton especially is a nightmare for me). Granted, I might be using my runes wrong (I got PTA, Triumph, Tenacity, the one that does more damage to low health, then I grab manaflow band in lane and the CDR rune, and in jungle I replace band with water walking). Because of his inability to escape, I always feel too squishy in fights. In the jungle I find myself building cinderhulk to get extra durability throughout the game. I especially hate rushing things like Ghostblade because I'm not getting any durability out of it so I feel like I'm dying faster. I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't grab an AS shard and just do full AD with an armor shard. Though because he gets empowered through autos as well, I feel like some AS is useful.
My pantheon build is using conqueror and bloodline instea dof tenacity tunes, and for secondary tree going bone plating + Overgrowth. (Bone plating gives you trade durability, overgorwth some tankiness.) While pta is better for damage conqueror is definitely my choice of rune, because of the sustain. If you are vs an especially hard lane tot rade with like garen, darius or renekton I'd just go with aftershock as a keystone My build is rather different. What I've foudn optimal for him is is either black cleaver (If tank matchup) or tri force (If non-tank matchup) as the ebst fiorst items followed by titanic hydra. It gives ya enough damage for your eatly to mid game and a good transition to the tankier build for late game (Steraks, DMP, Spirit visage is what I would suggest asa finish)
Ralanr (NA)
: Pantheon, as an AD caster, has kinda always been a more risky Jayce (who also lacks sustain).
Jayce is: A far superior lane bully Better throughout the game A very good poke champion Has quite surprisingly, often better burst than Pantheon Also jayce can splitpush semi effectively. So a poke heavy, splitpusher with a decent burst compareds to a melee nelow average pusher with high ttk. Old apnteon as trashy he was alte gam,e had much lower ttk, and much more spammablem ultimate that helped.
: There doesn't need to be any. Panth as he is exists in a fine position even with these changes. I don't even think anyone but me would notice if these changes were in effect.
Those are big nerfs and also no, pantheon in his current state needs a buff, because of how he functions (The lanes vs lane bullies he looses and he scales worse than them, the lanes he wins he falls off too hards to keep meaningful lead with.) For a roamer he has terrible pushing power. For bruiser he lacks sustain, for an assassin he lacks menaingful and consistewnt way to get in burst range to an adc, and has too high of a ttk for an assassin, so no, he definitely needs buffs, because how meh he is for his role, a she cannot splitpush nor does he bring something too valuable (Except maybe peel, but that makes him a secondary support with no healing) to a teamfight. There definitely should be buffs even now, and especially if such big nerfs (And they are big nerfs) are applied. Also I would exchange the Q half nerf for the nerf of him not starting the game with 5 stacks as a nerf, because I think the invade pressure with that is extremely high
: How do you win match through botlane in gold elo ?
Play Hyper carry + Yuumi. Like Kai'sa or vayne
: This combo is Why we shouldn't buff reworked Pantheon (Animation Canceling)
People like garen and jax usually flat out outrade you. Poppy will just completely deny everything you have, and destroy you in trade. "every trade" Also electrocute is the worst rune for Pantheon, among the choices. Aftershock/Conqueror/Press The Attack are each better than Electrocute
Moody P (NA)
: Pantheon is the best example of a high skill cap champion we have now
bruh your combo is literall empowoered 2 into 2 autos into empowered Q into auto E
: Pantheon changes I'd like to see soon
Ok but waht would be the compensation buffs?
: Been Spamming Pantheon: Hydra Combo with Pantheon (Tricks I've learned to 100 To Zero faster)
Actually I disagree. IMO His assassin build is much weaker than his bruiser build. Just go trinity into titanic into deadmans/sterak/shojin,a nd you egt very good late game results, because you are quite tanky
yıff (NA)
: katarina needs buffs, she is simply unplayable.
: His E doesn't negate projectiles. It only prevents _him_ from taking the _damage_. So it won't stop Zyra, Caitlin, or Varus. And it doesn't make him immune to CC, so he'll still be in danger trying to block Morgana. More importantly, his E only deals 100% AD from the stabby bit. If you actually want to use it for damage before the enemy can get away, you want to pop it right away. Otherwise they can just leave. And the cooldown will still be too much longer than Q to matter that you focused it. Even if you want to troll by taking him support, you're much better off maxing Q since it can poke from much further, can slow, and can secure kills. Yeah, technically you're right that he's a better support than he used to be, because he's a better _champion_ than he used to be. But it's still troll.
While he cannot block zyra, he reduced Caitlyn and other piercing projectiles damamge and he can easily block others like karma. Othe rimportan tthing is that his presence and peel is pretty major, so ignoring him while he is ON you when egaged is usually not a good idea to attack the ADC. Also his Q slow and technically low W CD witht he support CDR build make shim able to peel for his adc quite often, being able to stun more often that people liek alistar can pusha way with W
: press the attack/on hits is king on new pantheon
One comment: Your combo usually is Empowered W into auto into anothe rauto or e then empwoered Q (Empwoered Q tap nails a lot of your damage) Secondly. Conqueror rerally is your only late game sustain, unless you build death's dance or heal runes, so it's never a bad option Third. On hit works well on pantheon. I suggest if you are versus a squishier opponent to stright up rush tri force ALso vs ahrd lanes, go aftershock isnetad of klepto. Makes your W rtrades easy
KazKaz (OCE)
: Dark Harvest = Roaming + Snowballing + possible smurfing Electrocute = Laning...and reliable damage if you don't one trick Kat Conqueror = Weird playstyle, better for extended teamfighting and for when you need spam healing with Gunblade+Death's Dance As for sub runes go: DH/Elec->Sudden Impact/Taste of Blood->Eyeball Collection/Ghost Poro->Ingenious/Relentless Hunter Secondary runes = Triumph->Coup De Grace OR Null Orb+Gathering Storm Ultimate Hunter is useless, don't take it. If you're going Conqueror run: Conqueror->Triumph->Legend: Tenacity->Coup De Grace, with Sudden Impact/Taste of Blood->Ravenous/Relentless secondary --------------------------- You'll figure out which runes suit you once you spam a few games of Kat.
One critique. AS funny as it is I always suggest you to go Ultimate Hunter. Further lowering your death lotus CD allows moments where one or two resets can take your uulti abck with short downtimes between each pick.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ćold As Ice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nAN9A8jE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-17T13:03:12.237+0000) > > Just go around him Oh ya just walk around him for 1.5 seconds while he's hitting you - smart - or are you saying I should blow flash to counter his shield because that's basically what it takes against a no skill ability = broken. It's even lowered skilled than a point and click target ability.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Someone explain to me the rationale behind flaming your jungler for taking a kill in a gank
The only reason I would flame is if I am very kill dependant early game champion, and you are something like Karthus, and you can jsut farm into relevancy anyway
: Now if they would just reduce his invulnerability to 1/2 a second to make it balanced instead of having almost a kayle ultimate at lvl 1.
: You shouldn't buff Pantheon and for one simple reason (I don't want Riven 2.0)
I'd suggets giving him the bruiser angle and nerfing his E AD scalings, but giving him either %Hp damage or hybrid HP + AD scaling
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