: Players who flame back in "self defense" don't understand the meaning of those words
Here is a quick answer to your topic that @Tuition Fee (NA) did : Ten reasons why it's better not to flame back Flamers usually get even madder when you don't react to their provocations. They get punished. You don't. Don't let one asshole ruin your day. Mute and enjoy the game. "Riot doesn't punish these people!" Trust me, they do. I have a few friends who've been permanently banned, and even more who've gotten their 14 day suspension. Bots are usually pretty accurate with these things. It's not defending yourself, and the bot sure won't view it that way. It's not worth your time. In the time you were typing, you could've gotten ten more cs, or maybe a kill. It accomplishes nothing, really. Flamers usually don't take your points into consideration, and you won't vent off any steam by flaming them back; they'll respond with something that pisses you off even more. They might be not so subtly flame baiting, trying to get you to use one of the zero tolerance words. Don't stoop to their level! Keep your hands clean. Your teammates are more likely to sympathize with you if you don't add to the toxicity. A few kind words always help untilt!
: can we give shaclone that prereformed tyler1 treatment?
Shaclone is basically man-child. He should keep'd doing the non-camera , non-microphone youtube channel (his channel was growing) , then he started streaming and went downhill. Mistakes that he made , maybe if he didn't he show his personality of intelligent toxic waste and blaming everyone .. he woulda been at same viewer place as hashinshin or tyler right now , who knows. After all he just human everyone makes mistakes. {{champion:32}}
: Riot, it's time to remove the champion mastery level cap.
Yup i totally agree we need uncapped level mastery for example if you have 100k its lvl 8 and goes on.. Great post +1


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